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Jacoline Wentzel


Its cold outside and the temperatures are dropping rapidly and your body is screaming…I’m tired! Well actually that’s what mine is saying after a very busy summer season. So it’s actually time for a holiday! But any small business owner will tell you, it is always difficult to step away from

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Introducing Advanced Aesthetics to your Spa

This month I had the privilege to write an article for the Les Nouvelles Estetiques Spa magazine.


Advanced Aesthetics has become an intricate part of our offerings in our spa and beauty industry, and advanced anti-ageing treatments specifically is now one of the biggest beauty trends world-wide and a billion  dollar industry. But when we hear the words medi-spa, advanced aesthetics or advance aesthetic equipment, it often conjures up a stark white, cold and impersonal atmosphere or service, which is exactly the opposite of what we are trying to achieve in our spas.

So how do you incorporate this popular trend into your spa without losing the essence of what your spa stands for or without losing the essence of what your spa client is accustomed to?

1. Plan Plan Plan

Befor turning a part of your spa into an advanced aesthetic area, it will be advisable to plan your treatment offerings first. First determin what type of treatment you will be offering. Choose your product lines and your advanced aesthetic equipemtn wisely and design your treatment menu according to what you have chosen. Make sure that your treatment offerings suit your clientelle and is on par with offerings around your area. My suggestion would be that you have a seperate advanced aesthetic treatment menu from your normal spa menu. Once you have determined your treatment menu, you can start to design the area according to suit your offering.

2. Waiting Area

The perfect solution for and advnaced aesthetic area would be to have a seperate entrance for your customers to enter and exit from. Privacy is key in such a space and it would be preferable for customers not to wait and pay in the same areas as your regular spa clientelle. Most customers who frequent medi-spas prefer that they are not seen after invasive treatments as the skin might be red, blotchy and make-up free. If this is not possible to do, have a seperate reception desk and waiting area for the advanced aesthetic client in your spa waiting area if possible.

3. Consultation Area

A diagnostic consultation will be needed on every client before their treatment program can be tailored to suit their needs. This area should be a private areas, where a full assessment can be done by a medical practitioned or qualified therapist. Carpeted flooring is a great optionm in this areas as it helps to dampen any noise and private conversations. Comfort is key in this area, as you would want your client to feel comfortable from the get go.

There are various diagnostic tools on the market that could be of help to assess the skin effectively. Look out for photographic technology, hydration meters and skin scanners to help you make and accurate assessment of your client’s skin and to assess wrinkle depth, sunspots, hydration levels and other skin damage. Various advanced aesthetic brands will also offer you diagnostic tools to use when administering their treatments. This will be worth investing in as it shows professionalism and enhances your effectiveness in treating your client.

You will also need a comprehensive consultation card to keep records of the clients medical, health and treatment history.


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