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Invest in Spa Equipment to achieve best Spa therapy results

“In this new era of wellness, installing the right equipment within your spa is vital if you are to achieve enduring business success. You can treat your spa guest with the best spa therapies on the market, but the only way we will retain our guest will be to match your spa comfort with the spa therapies.”

With demand surging for spa and wellbeing services, the power of touch and connection is a higher priority than ever before. Your treatment room spaces must be maximised to strengthen the connection between therapists and guests and ensure that not only does it function effectively but offer the guest pure luxurious comfort. 

The quality of a treatment room experience is fundamentally important to your revenue and the right equipment can make a considerable difference in how your therapist achieves results and how you retain your guests to repeat their visit. 

The Human Touch: 

Spa treatments, such as massages, facials, and body wraps, are performed by trained professionals. These treatments provide a personalized experience that caters to the individual’s specific needs and preferences. The human touch involved in these treatments can be therapeutic, providing not just physical relaxation but also emotional relief.

The Power of technology:

On the other hand, spa equipment like ergonomically designed treatment beds, hydrotherapy tubs, steam rooms, and high-tech beauty devices offer a different kind of benefit. They leverage technology to deliver consistent and efficient results. For instance, a session in an infrared sauna or a hydrotherapy tub can offer relaxation and health benefits that are hard to achieve through manual treatments alone.

While both spa treatments and spa equipment have their unique advantages, they work best when used together.


Here are some of my favourite pieces of equipment that should be invested in when setting up your spa:


Treatment beds 

Your chosen treatment beds are one of the biggest investments you will make in your spa. This piece of equipment is the most used piece of furniture in your spa, so needs to have a strong structure, stable and can hold a weight of 150kg and more. The latest treatment beds on the market offers ergonomically designed positionings, internal heating systems and height adjustability. This allows the spa therapist to perform multiple treatments on the bed, without compromising on the stability or comfort of the guest experience, while protecting her own posture.  

 I often see spas trying to save cost on treatment beds which in turn compromises the spa guest comfort. We cannot expect our guests to pay top dollar and repeat their visit to lie on a cheap, unstable portable treatment bed for 2 hours. 

Sauna, Steam, or Infrared

Heat is an ancient way of healing sore and tired muscles. In our modern spa this is a must, not only to be used for the guest to enjoy before and after a treatment, but to be incorporated into a treatment offering to prepare the body before a massage or aromatherapy treatment. With heat preparation the guests’ muscles and skin will be softer and easier to treat, which assists the therapist to achieve the best results, without the strain on her hands. A pre-session of heat either in a Sauna, Steam room or infrared sauna, should be incorporated into each guest experience without compromise. 

Hot Towel Cabinets & Sterilisers

Hot towel cabinets are an intricate part of offering a portable heat source. Heating up your linen like hand towels, compresses, mittens and foot booties before applying it to the guest, is always an extra touch to luxury care. Sterilisers are a must as hygiene is a necessity for the future health of the client. 

Cold Therapy Bathing Unit

Whether you have a small cold swimming pool or an ice bath, cold therapy in conjunction with heat therapy gives the body’s immune system a wonderful boost and aids blood flow and detoxification. The latest craze is to fit in a cold plunge bath, where the temperature is regulated to offer a cold bath for recovery of muscles and improve blood circulation before entering a sauna. 

Advanced Aesthetic Equipment

Whether your spa is focussing on only on touch therapies, we cannot deny that our guests are expecting results during their facials and body treatments. Advanced therapies like microneedling, radio frequency, carboxy therapy, fractional lasers, and cold lasers, have now become an intricate part of the result process, and are now becoming a huge part of the spa industry. Combining touch therapies with an advanced aesthetic treatment makes for just a sweeter experience with a visible result. 

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Latest Project: Hotel Verde

Our brief at the end of April 2023 was to create a sustainable spa within a boutique space that aligns with the ethos of Hotel Verde, recognized as the greenest hotel in Africa. The initial operational layout and design concept were meticulously crafted by myself in collaboration with Willeen from Ohkre Collective, a local interior architecture and design firm. Using predominantly curved walls, exquisite green stucco wall finishes, and curved arch retail shelves and reception desk, we aimed to emulate the organic shapes of nature. Since then, Mario and Annemarie have selected the tiles, finishes, and joinery.

Annemarie also curated all the loose furniture, small decor items, plants, and pictures. As the spa consultant, I aimed to ensure not only the functionality of the spa but also adherence to the hotel’s “green” philosophy. For our spa equipment, I opted for locally manufactured beach wood massage beds and trolleys, coated with Vo2 free varnish from The Spa Warehouse in Paarl. The loungers were locally crafted by a company in Cape Town, and all our towels and linen were sourced locally as well.

I developed a treatment menu comprising professional treatments exclusively using South African product ranges that are certified organic and natural, aligning with Verde Vita’s philosophy, which translates to “green life”. The selected ranges include Esse Skincare, Cashmere & Co., Matsimela, Biosculpture, and Sunskin.

The spa space features three private treatment rooms, one of which can be opened up to accommodate couples, an infrared cabin sauna for warming and detoxifying the body, a pedicure area, and the Breathing Room for post-treatment relaxation. Our spa staff, all locally trained professionals, wear uniforms designed in collaboration with a local designer from Cape Town. This ensures that our foreign guests can enjoy an authentic South African experience upon their arrival in our beautiful country.

This endeavor was truly a team effort!

The inauguration of Verde Vita Spa and Wellness Centre heralds a new chapter in the realm of eco-luxury travel. On November 21, 2023, Verde Vita welcomed its esteemed guests with an unparalleled level of success, marking a significant milestone for Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport. Renowned for its steadfast dedication to sustainability, the launch of Verde Vita underscores the hotel’s ongoing commitment to fostering a greener and more holistic environment.

Nestled within a lush oasis, Verde Vita offers guests a luxurious sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Originally conceived to cater to Hotel Verde’s discerning guests seeking respite after long flights, the spa initially began as a modest facility within the hotel premises. However, recognizing the growing demand, Hotel Verde embarked on a transformative journey to convert vacant office spaces into a grand spa facility. Collaborating with esteemed partners such as the local architectural firm Ohkre Collective, construction company Phase Three, sustainability consultant André Harms of Ecolution, and spa consultant Jacoline Wentzel of Spa Warehouse, Verde Vita was meticulously crafted to infuse sustainability into every aspect of its design and operation.

As a boutique spa, Verde Vita seamlessly integrates Hotel Verde’s core values, offering guests an immersive experience that combines sustainability with unparalleled comfort. Inspired by the organic shapes found in nature, the spa’s aesthetic features curved walls, green finishes, and meticulously curated design elements, reflecting Hotel Verde’s ethos of preserving the environment while delivering exceptional service.

The vision behind Verde Vita is emphasized by the meticulous selection of locally manufactured spa equipment and eco-friendly product ranges. With three exquisitely appointed treatment rooms named after flowering plants, Verde Vita caters to couples seeking intimate relaxation experiences. Moreover, the spa’s commitment to using environmentally friendly and sustainable products underscores its dedication to promoting a greener future.

Verde Vita Spa and Wellness Centre epitomizes Hotel Verde’s commitment to sustainable hospitality, offering guests a luxurious yet responsible travel experience. Positioned as Africa’s greenest hotel, Hotel Verde sets a benchmark for eco-friendly accommodation and amenities, including Verde Vita, which further enriches the hotel’s offerings.

Embrace the #VerdeVita way of life and immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience. Stay updated on all the latest news and promotions by following Hotel Verde on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Is Barefoot the new luxury?

At the end of last year, I had the privilege to visit one of our clients in Franschoek, called Sterrekopje, for a day of indulgence as a guest. Nestled between the majestic mountains of Franschoek, vineyards, olive groves, and beautiful cultivated gardens lies this very special place.

The lack of signage at the gate of this beautiful farm gives you the first glimpse of what awaits you. When you enter, pure barefoot luxury with tranquility and privacy at the center of its philosophy awaits your stressed body.

The French Huguenot-era buildings have been lovingly restored and adorned with a combination of French, Dutch, Southern African, and Moroccan furniture. The colors that surround you are on patterned fabrics and richly painted walls with hand-painted Moroccan and Indian murals. The décor throughout is warm and inviting and can especially be enjoyed in the Orangery and Bath house.

I was welcomed by the phenomenally trained local staff and shown to the orangery, where I enjoyed a delicious warm drink. Spending some time in the curated wildflower garden, sipping my delicious coffee, I was reminded of the pure healing power of nature. You are surrounded by beautifully curated gardens that sit gently on the landscape of this working farm and produce grapes, olives, and lemons. Even though I was surrounded by all this and a few other guests, I did not feel rushed at all; instead, I felt the thoughts releasing from my overworked mind and experienced a calm that only silence and nature in such thoughtfully curated surroundings can bring.

At first it was challenging to rest and relax, as I am used to an adrenalin-driven day, but once my body rhythm started to get influenced by the gorgeous ambience, I could feel the stress just melt away and my mind forget about the world outside.

It was then time for my bath in the allocated building that hosts a true Moroccan Bath House. Rich jewel colors (green, navy, and Ohkre) adorn the floors, walls, and upholstery. Each area in this beautiful bath house has a signature treatment offering that allows you to experience pure touch therapy to relax the body and sooth the soul, performed by highly qualified therapists.

The Hammam uses Cashmere & Co products to create a luxurious bath and exfoliation ritual; The Ayer Vedic treatment room uses the Shiro Dhara treatment bed and stand to allow pure comfort during your treatment; and the Massage Touch Therapy room uses a highly comfortable Manak electrical treatment bed, all supplied by The Spa Warehouse.

Throughout the day, I was either walking barefoot, sitting on the grass, or meandering through the wildflowers and was surrounded by the gorgeous landscape of fynbos, vineyards, olive trees, and majestic mountains. And without any music, technology, or AI, my every need was met, while my body had time to experience true relaxation.

After my treatment, I was served a delicious farm-to-table 3-course meal that was not only visually enchanting to the eyes but also satisfied the taste buds in such a way that you knew you had been spoiled in Africa. It was a pure delight and a great way to end my day at this magical place. Some might question whether this is luxury; others will call it true luxury. But as a spa consultant, I get to experience some magnificent spaces, and I must say, this was one for the books. With the world becoming so set on technology and man-made experiences, Sterrekopje was escapism from it all that rushes us and truly a unique experience, gently working together with nature’s rhythm of grace.

I am sold. Sterrekopje will certainly see me again. Barefoot is my new luxury.

Lots of love



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Contact us for any further information.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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