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Fynbos Spa Product Collection

Cashmere & Co is a proudly South African lifestyle product brand that will leave your skin as soft as cashmere. Cashmere & Co is a fusion of historic knowledge, quality ingredients and modern sustainable practices coming together in a luxurious lifestyle collection suitable to use in your spa or at home. The concept was created by Miss Jacoline Wentzel, one of the leading spa consultants & designers in South Africa and owner of The Spa Warehouse.

“Being a spa consultant and qualified spa therapist with more than 30 years of experience in the spa and beauty industry, I designed a range that is suitable to use in any type of spa. It will envelop all five your senses, while leaving your skin as soft as Cashmere and your mind calm and rested. Cashmere & Co is a spa range designed by a spa professional for a spa professional
We have great local ingredients growing right on our doorstep, which are not only therapeutic to the body but are sustainable. So we created 3 signature fragrance blends by using fynbos essential oils that grow only in the Western Cape region. Our first fragrance called “Cashmere” is the true signature of the brand. A soft subtle fragrance that soothes the mind while inducing relaxation. By combining the cashmere fragrance great products formulas, we have created a product that not only smells glorious, and creates a sense of relaxation, but also leaves the skin as soft as cashmere. But cashmere has company…. our other two signature fragrances, called Velvet and Silk Touch are both fragrances that also induce a sense of wellbeing, relaxation and hormonal balance. Our commitment is to continue to develop effective products that will improve the way your skin looks and feels.” For use during massage, body wraps, spa foot treatments and spa hand treatments.

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Its cold outside and the temperatures are dropping rapidly and your body is screaming…I’m tired! Well actually that’s what mine is saying after a very

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