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Latest Trends in Sustainable Spa Design – Natural Light

Ever since a “green” spa philosophy was pioneered by Mexico’s Rancho La Puerta in the 1940s, the connection between wellness and sustainability has become an intricate aspect to consider when designing a spa. As a spa designer and consultant working currently on projects in Africa and Mauritius, sustainable spa design has now become more of a responsibility rather than a trend for me and for spa owners I consult to. 

With eco friendly spa practices, our spa guests have become more savvy educated consumers and understand the relationship between wellness and social and environmental health more so than ever. It is a known fact that the savvy guest understands that their environment they spend time in has a huge impact on their wellness overall. As one of the leading wellness ambassadors, the spa industry, it is our responsibility to produce spaces that induce wellness while treading lightly on this earth. 

When designing a spa here natural light is an important factor to consider:

13-26% of all energy used in a building is from our light sources. To improve this and save on this cost in the long run, natural light from the sun and the impact it has on the space, should be made a priority when designing a wellness space. 

Natural Light, abundantly found in Africa, has extensive wellness benefits to the body. Various studies have shown that it strengthens the Circadian Rhythms, which in turn improves sleep patterns and reduces stress, it decreases healing time, it allows staff to be more productive, decreases lethargy, increases sales in a retail space as products look more attractive in natural light all while decreases energy cost of your building. 

Yoga Area at Two Bunch Palms, Desert Hot Springs, California

Throughout your space focus on “light collectors” that will allow light in but be mindful allowing in too much glare. A few “light collectors to consider are Atriums for public spaces, reflection panels over windows that receive direct sunlight, clerestory windows, round shaped roofs, skylights, light tunnels and horizontal reflective panels. 

A great example of clerestory windows to allow in natural light.

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