Esthetica – Pedicure Spa ESSR 0368 (EST097A)



Pedicure Spa ESSR 0368 is fully electrically controlled professional pedicure spa. The body of this pedicure spa is made from high grade acrylic sheet and there are 6 powerful water massage jets fitted in its tub . The intensity of water massage can be regulated through the air regulator knob fitted on the tub. Provision to connect hot & cold water supply and then mix the hold & cold water into the tub through a mixing valve fitted in front of the pedicure spa. Handheld pull out shower, adjustable footrest, air controlled ON/OFF switch are one of the many features of this powerful, durable and good quality pedicure spa. ESSR0368 comes fitted with massage chair for tapping, kneading and rolling massage functions. Armrests are adjustable, the backrest can be inclined or reclined through handheld remote, the seat position can be moved forward or backward as per client’s comfort.

Pedicure Spa ESSR 0368 is standard product and there is no customisation available on this product. However, if the minimum order quantity criteria is fulfilled then we change the leatherette on the massage chair from black to various other options available