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Shirodhara Oil Stand (EST007)

Our shirodhara oil stand offers numerous benefits to users. It enables a steady and uninterrupted flow of oil or the chosen liquid onto the forehead, which is critical in achieving the calming and soothing effects of shirodhara. This constant flow helps in managing stress, improving sleep, and inducing a deep state of relaxation.

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The stand’s design provides an efficient way to heat the oil, maintaining an optimal temperature throughout the treatment. This is important as the warmth of the oil helps in better absorption, stimulation of vital points, and improved blood circulation.

The stand allows for precise control of the liquid’s flow rate, ensuring a personalized treatment based on individual needs. It also enables easy cleanup and reuse, making it a practical and environmentally friendly choice for both professionals and individuals aiming to incorporate shirodhara treatments into their wellness routine.


The picture shown on the website is of modern stand. The hanging shirodhara vessel is fitted with an oil release and stop valve. The flow of oil can be started or stopped with the movement of this valve. To make it convenient for shipping this stand can be dismantled to save space.

The color of the wood can be customized as per the requirements.

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