Esthetica – Uday Massage Bed (EST014)



Uday Massage Bed is a professional facial cum massage table with ample storage facility underneath. There are sliding shutters that can be operated from either side of the bed during treatment and give you full storage space to store your towels, creams and oils for massage therapies. Solidwood design, waterproof shutters, comfortable and elegant looking massage table for professional use in salons and spas. The top cushion is 40 Density / 75 mm foam upholstered with soft pvc leatherite that is comfortable and easy to clean. The backrest can be inclined during facial treatments and the reclining mechanism is made from stainless steel and nylon. Both nylon and stainless steel are corrosion resistant material. There is face hole cutting in the top section with face hole plug.

We can change the wood color to Dark Walnut, Yellow Teak, Wenge etc. The leatherette color can also be changed to different colours available in stock like Black, Brown, Biege or Cream.