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Manak Electric Spa Massage Table

The Manak Electric Spa Bed has simple straight-line geometry that reflects a sophisticated & elegant spa massage table. This professional electric spa treatment table comes fitted with 4 Motors for electric height, backrest and leg rest adjustments.


There is a foot pedestal for open storage space underneath the table. Specially crafted design allows the therapist to put knees underneath the table and work very close to the face of the client during facial massage or facial treatments. There is a face hole cutting and face hole plug inside the mattress. We used molded polyurethane mattress for cushioning, soft to touch fire retardant grade leatherette, Italian PU or Aqua Base Coatings. Esthetica offers a wide range of natural wood veneer selection for this massage table.

L 208 x W 78 x H 66 cm ( Adjustable )

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