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Sustainable Spa Design – Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is when you consider the whole environment around your project, with the goal to reduce your negative environmental impact, while including features that are beneficial to the natural world and beautiful at the same time. 

Aspects to consider for sustainable landscaping:

  1. Don’t disturb what you don’t have to. Leave trees, plants and rocks where possible to prevent disturbance of the eco system. 
  2. Plan well taking in consideration sun, shade and wind climate of the area
  3. Analyse and improve your soil quality with natural fertilisers
  4. Use indigenous water wise plants to reduce your footprint. Refer to the internet or your local authority to get a list of local plants. 
  5. Plant edible fruit trees like lemons, that can again we used in the spa to flavour your water offerings. Have a herb and vegetable garden, where you can grow the likes of mint, cucumbers, strawberries and blueberry’s to use in your spa cuisine and flavoured teas. 
  6. Appropriate use of grass & lawn areas to break up planted areas. It cools down a space by absorbing sunlight and preventing harsh reflection. 
  7. Make sure you have efficient irrigation and use preferrable a drip system, that can be set according to the water need of each plant. 
  8. Use mulch around large trees to help retain water around the roots. 
  9. Use organic fertilisers and grey water to sustain your landscaping. 
  10. Maintenance of your landscaped area is key. Keep checking taps, irrigation system, dams, ponds etc for any leaks and prevent water wastage.
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