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Sustainable Spa Design – Noise Management

Noise Management

 The noise level of your space is important to understand.  To analyse and plan the noise distribution in your space is key. First understand what noise you will be dealing with in your area like traffic, a school next door etc. 


Make sure you know what time of the day a higher noise level is and from what direction is comes. There are various apps available on your phone that will help measure the decibels. You then will choose a barrier that will help to prevent the noise from traveling. 


TIP: Use the noise barrier like plants, walls and fencing closer to the source of the noise that closer to the building. 


When using barriers to prevent noise from travelling, use vegetation. The trick is to use as dense as possible, as big as possible and as high as possible. The denser it is the more it will prevent the noise to travel. 

Sound Insulation is especially important in a spa. Make sure insulation is around your pipes for instance to insulate the pipes and prevent the sound from traveling when flushing water. Also make sure windows, doors and closures close properly and prevent sound from coming through from the small areas. 

Make sure your noisy areas in your spa like hair salons, barber areas, reception area, nail area and pedicure stations are separated from your quiet areas like sleep rooms and massage treatment rooms. 


To achieve sustainable architecture and design in your spa, planning is key. The balance between design, wellbeing and the environment is the goal. When all is working in harmony with each other, we not only achieve an establishment that makes our clients happy, but also stimulates wellness and healing without having a detrimental impact on our environment. 

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