Invest in Spa Equipment to achieve best Spa therapy results

“In this new era of wellness, installing the right equipment within your spa is vital if you are to achieve enduring business success. You can treat your spa guest with the best spa therapies on the market, but the only way we will retain our guest will be to match your spa comfort with the spa therapies.”

With demand surging for spa and wellbeing services, the power of touch and connection is a higher priority than ever before. Your treatment room spaces must be maximised to strengthen the connection between therapists and guests and ensure that not only does it function effectively but offer the guest pure luxurious comfort. 

The quality of a treatment room experience is fundamentally important to your revenue and the right equipment can make a considerable difference in how your therapist achieves results and how you retain your guests to repeat their visit. 

The Human Touch: 

Spa treatments, such as massages, facials, and body wraps, are performed by trained professionals. These treatments provide a personalized experience that caters to the individual’s specific needs and preferences. The human touch involved in these treatments can be therapeutic, providing not just physical relaxation but also emotional relief.

The Power of technology:

On the other hand, spa equipment like ergonomically designed treatment beds, hydrotherapy tubs, steam rooms, and high-tech beauty devices offer a different kind of benefit. They leverage technology to deliver consistent and efficient results. For instance, a session in an infrared sauna or a hydrotherapy tub can offer relaxation and health benefits that are hard to achieve through manual treatments alone.

While both spa treatments and spa equipment have their unique advantages, they work best when used together.


Here are some of my favourite pieces of equipment that should be invested in when setting up your spa:


Treatment beds 

Your chosen treatment beds are one of the biggest investments you will make in your spa. This piece of equipment is the most used piece of furniture in your spa, so needs to have a strong structure, stable and can hold a weight of 150kg and more. The latest treatment beds on the market offers ergonomically designed positionings, internal heating systems and height adjustability. This allows the spa therapist to perform multiple treatments on the bed, without compromising on the stability or comfort of the guest experience, while protecting her own posture.  

 I often see spas trying to save cost on treatment beds which in turn compromises the spa guest comfort. We cannot expect our guests to pay top dollar and repeat their visit to lie on a cheap, unstable portable treatment bed for 2 hours. 

Sauna, Steam, or Infrared

Heat is an ancient way of healing sore and tired muscles. In our modern spa this is a must, not only to be used for the guest to enjoy before and after a treatment, but to be incorporated into a treatment offering to prepare the body before a massage or aromatherapy treatment. With heat preparation the guests’ muscles and skin will be softer and easier to treat, which assists the therapist to achieve the best results, without the strain on her hands. A pre-session of heat either in a Sauna, Steam room or infrared sauna, should be incorporated into each guest experience without compromise. 

Hot Towel Cabinets & Sterilisers

Hot towel cabinets are an intricate part of offering a portable heat source. Heating up your linen like hand towels, compresses, mittens and foot booties before applying it to the guest, is always an extra touch to luxury care. Sterilisers are a must as hygiene is a necessity for the future health of the client. 

Cold Therapy Bathing Unit

Whether you have a small cold swimming pool or an ice bath, cold therapy in conjunction with heat therapy gives the body’s immune system a wonderful boost and aids blood flow and detoxification. The latest craze is to fit in a cold plunge bath, where the temperature is regulated to offer a cold bath for recovery of muscles and improve blood circulation before entering a sauna. 

Advanced Aesthetic Equipment

Whether your spa is focussing on only on touch therapies, we cannot deny that our guests are expecting results during their facials and body treatments. Advanced therapies like microneedling, radio frequency, carboxy therapy, fractional lasers, and cold lasers, have now become an intricate part of the result process, and are now becoming a huge part of the spa industry. Combining touch therapies with an advanced aesthetic treatment makes for just a sweeter experience with a visible result. 

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