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jacoline's journal

Who is your successful tribe?

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful woman who has her back”

I saw this great saying last week, and it got me thinking about how precious it is to have a group of successful females around me as family, friends, mentors and staff that not only support my vision, but also keep me accountable. I could not do it without them. And honestly I would not want to do it without them.

I have had the privileged to have spent my whole career in the spa industry. Mostly a female driven industry, where I was surrounded by mostly females. From the time I studied beauty therapy at Isa Carstens Academy in Stellenbosch, to my first job as beauty therapist at a salon in the V&A waterfront, to my career as therapist, spa manager and recruitment manager at Steiner Transocean to working as sales manager for Bioharmony, then Sales and marketing manager of Nimue and finally ending up 11 years ago starting my own business called the Spa Warehouse.

During every part of this journey, I worked as part of a team, which was mostly made of female counter parts. Reflecting back now, I know there was times that was challenging. I made allot of mistakes, took a few wrong turns, but off course it all worked out to bring me to this point of reflection today. The most wonderful thing is that the older we get, the more true to ourselves and humble we become and the more we learn that you are just as good as the team you surround yourself with and that doing it alone is not an option.

I am privilege to spend allot of time in my clients spas and salons and I see how their tribes (staff) are so important to the success of their businesses. The spa industry is certainly made up of so many beautiful tribes and it is so amazing to see them all work together towards success in their own areas of influence. And all of our tribes together make one spa industry tribe with one goal…to improve our clients well being!

So this is my chance to say thank you to the tribe I am surrounded by every day, as well as some of my friends who spur me on from afar. Your support and your enthusiasm is invaluable. I would not want to do life without you. To all our clients out there, this is also my chance to say thank you for your support and your loyalty to our company since 2005! We count you as part of our tribe and know we could not have been this successful without you!

May you have a joyous and festive Christ-filled season. May this festive season fill your life with bright and precious moments and lead you into a successful 2017.

Lots of love and light



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