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a guide to help create a new blueprint for your business

Are you in the beauty, spa and wellness industry? You’ve been faced with perhaps the most challenging time within modern history of our industry. But how do you overcome such a massive set back?

who am I?

Hi, my name is Jacoline Wentzel and I’m the owner of The Spa Warehouse, Savor Wellness in Paarl, and I’m the Executive Chair of the South African Chapter for the Spa and Wellness Association of Africa.

With 30-years of experience within the spa industry and owning my own business for the past 15-years, I can honestly say it has been a wonderful road. But now the time has come to pass on this experience to the next generation.

As the Spa Industry is slowly starting to re-open, we ask ourselves, how do we go about business? We know it will not be as before. But where do you start?

remind yourself

It is important to remind yourself that every season has a start and every season has an end.

Therefore, to have an action plan for the now and for the future is imperative for your business’ success.

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The Starting points

I took the time to compile a guide that will serve as a business blueprint to help you create an action plan for your business in the months to come within the industry. This guide will focus on the following points:

  • Taking ownership
  • Looking after yourself
  • Doing a risk assessment of your business
  • Re-assessing your finances and cash flow
  • Communication to staff, clients and suppliers
  • How to market your brand
  • Importance of a mentor
  • Creating your own business blueprint
  • And the sacrifices it takes

I wish you all the success
with your comeback story.

And I hope that it will be


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